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Speech/song experiment

Hello Auditory list,

With so much traffic on the list these days, it is either a very good
time or a very bad time to start a new thread.  Regardless...

I am running an experiment on the perceptual differences and fuzzy
domain between human speech and human singing, and I would like to
invite all of you to participate in (and comment on) this experiment.
The experiment consists of an on-line survey, where subjects listen to
ambiguous sound samples and rate them between speaking and singing.

The experiment is at


The samples are taken from a copus I recently collected of ~1000 samples
of people talking, singing and making intermediate vocalizations.
Subjects sang and spoke the same lyrics, and responded to various
prompts. I also gathered samples from various published sources (with
the appropriate copyright considerations).  Can anyone give me advice as
to what journal might be good in which to publish a paper about such a