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A Test For Musical Rule Recognition ??

Interesting thread.

Today out of interest to 'test' the rule concept for perceiving (western)
music (wrong note in chords theory), I
listened simultaneously to two recordings of the "Et resurrexit", from
the B minor Mass (Bach) ... one performance by Hermann Scherchen, Vienna
State Opera Orchestra, massed choir, modern instruments and modern pitch,
the other with Josh Rifkin and The Bach Ensemble, one voice per part, one
instrument per part, with A (around) 415Hz.

What would Lerdal and Jackendoff (A Generative Theory of Tonal Music)
posit that I would (a) hear; (b) work out what is going on?

I have a reasonably strong grasp of tonality, both in theory and 'by
ear', and reasonably good pitch discrimination / memory ... if that has
anything to do with it.