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Maternal Hen Calls

Hi everyone,

Although I have not participated in any of the discussions thus far, I
have found them very enjoyable and informative.

I am currently engaged in a series of experiments investigating the
effects of exposure to a complex rhythm stimulus on long-term memory
formation in day-old chicks.
To date, I have found that exposure to the complex rhythm for a duration
of one minute, presented 5 min post-training, enhances memory formation
for a passive avoidance task (to be published in the June edition of the
Journal of Comparative Psychology).
Recently my supervisor and I have noticed a similarity between the
complex rhythm stimulus and a number of maternal hen calls, namely the
food call and the maternal call.
It has therefore become important to test the effects of exposure to a
variety of maternal hen calls to see whether this stimulus also enhances
memory for the passive avoidance task.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a web site that stores chicken/broody
hen calls, or if anyone knows of a cd that they have been recorded
Any suggestions as to where I might find such recordings would be
greatly appreciated!