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Re: COMMENT on test results

Martin Braun wrote :
>nobody else [as OTF] was able to return ANYTHING.
>The most important result is that nobody ... could say WHICH
>syntactic expectations of a listener possibly could be satisfied or
>violated. I take this as strong evidence that the given chord sequence
>may be totally UNRELATED to syntactic expectations of listeners.
Well, a good way to give proof of statistical evidence : 1 participant =
result 0 = 100% of a negative answer ...

>both music styles [Mariah Carey / Edvard Grieg]
>are not only separated by about 120 years, but also by immense
>differences in music production and in listening habits of audiences.
>This means that there is NOTHING style-specific in this chord pattern.
As has been stated -- and as you're suggesting in your reply -- besides
mere chord succession 'style' does well imply other compositional
aspects, as e.g., instrumentation, rhythmization, formal structure,
motive preference / processing ....