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Re: Book

At 03:49 PM 5/3/2001 -0400, Fatima Husain wrote:
Sometime back this book was mentioned on the List:
 "Computational Models of Auditory Function"
 by S. Greenberg(Editor), M. Slaney (Editor);

I placed an order for the book but was informed that the
publishers (IOS press) are no longer planning to publish the book.
Does anyone have any information about the availability of
this book?
It's definitely happening... I talked to our publisher a couple of weeks
ago, and they are anxiously waiting the final copy.  Hopefully that hasn't

Steve and I are doing the final typesetting.  I was putting some changes
into the text this morning.  I was hoping to have it all done before
ICASSP, but Steve is gone this week, and I'm gone next week.  Hopefully
just a couple more weeks to get the final copy out.

We're doing all the typsetting, and I don't know how long it will take IOS
to do the printing.  Hopefully not long.  They already approved our format
and stuff.

-- Malcolm