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Absolute frequency / Perfect Pitch ??

Thank you Martin ... and Grove's agrees with you ... however it may be
'just' one of those semantic turns of terms.

I can understand "absolute temperature", this not being psycho-metric
measurement, and I could go along with "absolute frequency", since it
appears (?) that pitch is perceptual, and I'm not so sure about "absolute

Also I have considered the implication of saying that Benjamin Britten's
"absolute pitch" slipped a semitone when he got older. Two (or more) sets
of absolutes is .... Now, 'perfection' is in the eye / ear of the
beholder. (I've met people whose "absolute pitch" is a semitone away from
A=440, having been taught on an out-of-tune piano as children.)



>Date:    Fri, 4 May 2001 11:04:55 +0200
>From:    Martin Braun <nombraun@POST.NETLINK.SE>
>Subject: correct term is "absolute pitch"
>Dear Rebecca, Kevin, Tom, László, and all others --
>PLEASE - don't say or write "perfect pitch".

>The correct term is "absolute pitch". Research has shown that so-called
>absolute-pitch possessors have no better accuracy in pitch discrimination
>than other people.
>You can find plenty of material on absolute pitch on Dan Levitin's web site:

>All the best,