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Re: Absolute frequency / Absolute color


Actually you only need 12 categories for AP -at least for Western
tonal music - because of  octave equivalence. Perception of
differences in height between notes of the same pitch class are not
related to AP.

-Diana Deutsch

Martin Braun wrote:
 ...this is not possible. There are millions of colors. Most of us,
 however, would have an absolute memory of 12 colors. Color circles
 of 12 colors are quite common and can be learned in a few minutes.
 The 12 tones of our octave can not be learned in years (with
 extremely rare exceptions), once you are older than 5-7 years
An absolute memory of 12 colors corresponds to an absolute memory of
pitch for 12 categories spanning the entire range of audible frequencies
from 20-16.000 Hz (at my age). I suppose this can be learned in a few
minutes. A hemitonic absolute pitch memory covering a musical relevant
range of frequencies would correspond to an absolute memory of roughly
90 color shades (only hue, same saturation and brightness).

- Christian