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Re: AP in all of us? New evidence from speech research

David, in response to your message I would ask you what sound the /h/ makes
and would also point out that there are two situations where whispering does
not work well since many of the auditory cues for speech are missing --
speaking with the blind or talking via telephone or radion.  Under your
supposition, neither of these should make any difference and material back as
far as the original Fletcher work demonstrated this problem int terms of
simple telephone line noise.
On Wed, 9 May 2001, David Gerhard wrote:

> Not only that, but we can understand speech that has no pitch whatsoever!
> When you whisper, you use entirely unvoiced phonemes (no periodic glottal
> exitation hence no pitch), yet the utterance is intelligable as speech.
>   -David.
> Martin Braun wrote:
> > Thanks, Tom. We should keep in mind, however, that pitch control is not
> > necessary for speech. We can also understand speech that has no pitch
> > variation or speech with uncontrolled pitch variation.
> >
> > Can congenitally deaf persons learn pitch control of their speech? Is there
> > any reliable information on this?
> >

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