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Re: No evidence of notes in raw speech F0

Thanks, Alain. Could you perhaps add in a further message what you meant by
"raw speech F0" and "raw F0 contours".

At what points in a sentence did you extract f0 ?


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From: Alain de Cheveigne' <Alain.de.Cheveigne@IRCAM.FR>
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 12:51 PM
Subject: No evidence of notes in raw speech F0

> Martin Braun wrote:
> >In the pitch material of 2,400 sentences of Dutch I found a significant
> >influence of our musical frequencies (based on A4=440 Hz). The
> >results prove that musical pitch is stored in the memory of nonmusicians,
> >just by hearing music, and then influences speech production.
> I happen to be working with several databases of speech recorded with a
> laryngograph signal (which allows accurate F0 to be estimated).  Together
> they contain 1.75 hours of speech of which half is voiced, pronunced by 38
> speakers (19 male, 19 female) of Japanese (30), English (4) and French
> The data have been carefully labeled with an accurate period estimation
> method with sub-sample resolution, and the estimates checked visually.
> A histogram of F0 values with 1/4 semitone bins shows no obvious structure
> related to the musical scale.  A 4-bin histogram of values modulo one
> semitone is essentially flat.  The remarkable statistics of "hand-marked
> end- and turning points of the contour" are apparently not reflected in
> F0 contours.
> Alain
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