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Re: musical tones in speech

Alain de Cheveigné wrote:
"Please do not question my right to report to the list that those claims do
not generalize (to say the least), ...."

Alain, I did not question anybody's rights. I just said that your way of
putting forward criticism was not convincing. All readers of the list will
develop their own opinions on this.

Then, please, let's stick to the facts. You reported in no way that my
results "do not generalize". The techniques of data analysis you applied
were insufficient in all respects to detect similar effects as I detected.
Please read my detailed account on theses issues from earlier today.

Once you have extracted the speech-target f0 values with similar precision
as the researchers at the IPO and then applied similar statistical
techniques as I did, FIRST THEN can you come out and say that my results
could not be replicated with your speech material.

And please note, the question if my results generalize or not will not be
decided by ONE follow-up study, even if this is carried out in a technically
correct way. We are likely to see variations in the results of future
studies of this issue, simply because the tested speech material is likely
to vary.

I will welcome all follow-up studies. But they must be technically correct,
and they must clearly describe any relevant differences of the tested speech
materials compared to the speech materials of previous studies.


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> >Alain, it does not seem to be a convincing strategy to present
> >on flaws in the work of others, just because it doesn't fit one's own
> >incomplete results.
> Martin,
> I was your privilege to call attention to your paper and loudly publicize
> its claims.  Please do not question my right to report to the list that
> those claims do not generalize (to say the least), and to speculate on
> went wrong.
> Alain