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Re: Bates's question about claps

Eckard Blumschein replied :
>Asynchronous clapping is a noise
>that largely lacks spectral features. [...]
>Don't believe that quality of clapping cannot be judged. [...]
>whicker, whimper, whine, whirr, whisp, whist, whistle, whizz ...
Excuse me, this is but a contradiction : to what, in your opinion, (the
impression of) 'quality' is due, if not to spectral features, in
addition to temporal ones ...?

John K. Bates wrote :
>there seems to be a certain level at which our auditory systems
>decide that the number of clappers (or voices or raindrops)
>becomes a single applauding crowd...
Well, as for (assuming a) 'group response' -- the temporally organized
noise of (multiple, simultaneous) single clapping merged into that of
a group (as a whole ...) -- one should perhaps differentiate as to the
(variable) nature of the problem : so clapping / applause might be
temporally highly non-correlated yet more homogeneous in its spectral
composition as compared to a crowd of (individual) speakers, where,
depending on acoustic circumstances / surrounding, and with the
potential aid of (visual) localization, a (partial) segregation might
yet be possible (cocktail party), which again might apply also to a
(given) orchestra (potentially) showing higher synchronicity /
homogeneity within, while being less synchronous / heterogeneous between
single instrumental groups ...