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Re: streams and groups

Alexandra Hettergott wrote:

> lonce wyse asked :
> >How many different single-clap sounds does one need to
> >create applause?
> Well, Imho (and as has been mentioned) this might depend also on
> acoustic circumstances (e.g., room size / scattering), yet supposing
> Israel's number of >50, one might (too) assume different 'applause
> densities' yielding a different (impression of) sound 'quality' each
> (colored -- white noise) while all being likewise hard to segregate ...
> :ah

Here is a related question, and I know the answer:
How many independent talks do you  need to add together before you get speech
weighted noise, that no longer sounds like speech added together? Give the answer
as a power of 2 (to limit the choices). Scroll to the bottom to see the answer.

I which I could type the number upside down.

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