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Inhibition in cortical vs. subcortical areas

Thanks to all who responded to my question last week regarding the relative
strength of inhibition in cortex versus sub-cortical structures. A brief
summary, and references follow:

From a limited population, DCN Type II neurons received the highest number
of votes as those neurons with the strongest sideband inhibition (1/1 votes
cast).  I was most interested in how cortex compared to the inferior
colliculus, and Didier Depireux pointed out that only cortical units are
selective for ripple frequency, whereas IC units tend to exhibit low-pass
tuning.  From this one would conclude that inhibition (at least as it is
engaged by ripple stimuli) tends to be stronger in cortex than the IC.  If
non-monotonicity can serve as another indirect measure of inhibition, then
several papers below support a similar conclusion in that the relative
numbers of non-monotonic neurons increases as one ascends from IC to AC
(Barone et al. 1996; Pfingst and Connor 1981;Ryan and Miller 1978).  The
degree of non-monotonicity increases from MGB to AC (Barone et al. 1996).

(thanks to Didier for making the 1996 ARO poster available):
http://www.isr.umd.edu/CAAR/posters/aro96.pdf and

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