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Postdoc position available

Post Doctoral Fellowship in the Physiology of Perception, Otoacoustic
Emissions and/or Psychophysics
Duke University Medical Center and University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill

A post doctoral fellowship is currently available.  Funds were awarded
to utilize otoacoustic emissions and psychophysics to study the role of
the medial olivocochlear efferent system in perception in humans.  This
project, is a collaboration between the Duke University Medical Center
Hearing Research Laboratories (Drs. David W. Smith and Roger L. Miller)
and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Drs. Emily Buss,
John H. Grose and Joseph W. Hall).  Qualifications include an earned
doctorate in hearing science, cognitive neuroscience, psychology or
engineering and experience in physiological recordings (particularly
otoacoustic emissions) and/or psychophysics (with either human or
non-human animal subjects).  Proficiency with the programming and use of
computer-based data acquisition and analysis (MATLAB, LabView and
Tucker-Davis Technologies) is highly desirable.

Send a CV, statement of research interests and the names and contact
information of at least three references to: David W. Smith, Ph.D.,
Director, Hearing Research Laboratories, Box 3550, Duke University
Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, 27710.  All applicants will be
contacted in early August to discuss the position.

Please respond by postal mail, as summer schedules will make phone and
e-mail replies difficult.