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Workshop on Sound Perception and Modelling

        Workshop on Sound Perception and Modelling
        Espoo, Finland - August, 2

The European IST Project "the Sounding Object", in the framework of
the IST-FET Proactive Initiative on "the Disappearing Computer"
organises a one-day workshop on Sound Perception and Modelling. The
workshop is a satellite event of the International Conference on
Auditory Display.

The workshop focuses on the methods and findings of experimental
psychology and tries to steer the attention of researchers toward
model-based experimentation.

Participation is free.

Preliminary Programme:
       R. Bresin et al (KTH - SOb project): 
        Espressivity in sound and music 
       M. Fernström et al (University of Limerick - SOb project):
        Perceptual effectiveness of auditory icons 
       D. Rocchesso et al (University of Verona - SOb project): 
        Relevant perceptual dimensions of resonators 
       M. Grassi et al (University of Udine - SOb project): 
        Phenomenology of sound events 
       C. Muller - Tomfelde (GMD - Ambient Agoras project): 
        Sound-augmented multimodal interfaces 
       S. Lakatos (Washington State University):
        Mental representation of auditory sources 
       P. Cook (University of Princeton): 
        Statistical physical models, analysis and synthesis 
       D. Van Valkenburg and M. Kubovy (University of Virginia): 
        Auditory Vs. Visual objects 
       G. Jansson (University of Uppsala): 
        Multi- and Unimodal perception of liquid put in motion 
       H. Järveläinen (HUT - Helsinki): 
        Perceptual features of musical sounds 

        The Sounding Object 
        The Disappearing Computer 
        The International Conference on Auditory Display