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future of opl fm chip code??

I design audio displays and sonification tools for complex multi-dimensional
data and stochastic processes.
This is basic research, and is not driven by
any particular data type.

I have finished a table driven set of tools for the opl fm chip, found on many
older sound cards, including sound blaster.

I am now learning csound.

I plan to research sonification of multi-variate time series including
genetic algorithms and neural nets.

I have also written lots of c code to drive the rejesters of the opl fm chip.

Creative Labs had programs to play files for the opl.

Now the newer and better sound cards no longer have the opl.

Do any of you know of good opl emulators that will run such opl code?
16 bit code without the limitations that the modulating frequency must be an
integral multiple of the carrier frequency would be especially helpful.

Do any of you have interesting opl code or instruments, especially that will
run on such emulators?
I am also interested in complex multi-dimensional moving "Star Trek" like sounds
written in opl emulators, csound, nyquist,
or any other close to real time languages.

If you must quote me, please put your comments first.

I have already listened to mine.

Thanks much.