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tolerance or no tolerance

Dan Freed wrote:

> But the thing about etiquette is that it evolves over time.  I fear that
> where cell phones are concerned, standards of etiquette are already
> changing.  Hard-core cell phone users simply don't think they're behaving
> rudely.  This shift in attitude will probably increase, especially as a
> generation grows up that can't even remember a time before cell phones.
> over-30 fogies may be doomed to go to our graves fulminating about the
> decline in standards of public behavior, while the younger set responds
> puzzlement.

It's not a matter of a new technique, and it's not a matter of age, either.
It's a matter of tolerance or no tolerance. Like graffiti. You get as much
as you tolerate.

There are ways to use cell phones sensibly, and there are ways to deal with
those who don't.