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Auditory Research Position available

Title: Auditory Research Position available
Post-Doctoral Position: Auditory cortex and midbrain responses to communication sounds
A government-funded post-doctoral position is open and available at Doshisha University to work in the laboratory of Prof. Hiroshi Riquimaroux. The research would involve quantitative evaluation of the responses of auditory cortical neurons and midbrain neurons to communication sounds. Single unit activities are recorded from rodents and/or primates. The project could involve correlated psychophysical studies in animals and/or human subjects within the same research group. Applicants should have experience in auditory neuroscience and familiarity with computer-controlled stimulus presentation and data acquisition. Interested applicants should send their resumes and two letters of recommendation to:
Prof. Hiroshi Riquimaroux
Sensory and Cognitive Neuroscience Research Laboratory
Doshisha University
Kyotanabe, Kyoto
Japan 610-0321

Inquiries may be sent by e-mail to:  hrikimar@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Prof. Hiroshi Riquimaroux, PhD
Sensory & Cognitive Neuroscience Research Laboratory
Dept. of Knowledge Engineering & Computer Sciences
Doshisha University
Kyotanabe, Kyoto 610-0321, Japan

ph: +81-774-65-6956, 6732 or 6957 (secretary)
fax: +81-774-65-6791
e-mail: hrikimar@mail.doshisha.ac.jp