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Acoustic Flow Field Generation

Title: Acoustic Flow Field Generation
Dear List -
    I am interested in capturing the acoustic flow field of a person walking down a hallway. Thus far I have made a couple of binaural recordings of (1) a perceiver walking past individuals reading text (live) and (2) a perceiver walking past a series of loudspeakers projecting an assortment of recorded sounds (e.g., human speech, typewriter clicks, etc.). Those who have listened to these recordings have found the first set a much more compelling indication of the listener’s motion than the second. There are several reasons why this may have been the case: the live readers were fewer, more sparsely located, and generally louder than the recordings via loudspeakers.
     I am writing to the list because I was hoping that some of you might have some intuitions or know some references that would help guide me to more successfully capture the acoustic flow field of a person walking through a hallway. Specifically I am wondering whether live sounds should be easier to localize through a loudspeaker than recorded sounds? Furthermore should the localizability of the sound sources contribute to the ‘realness’ of the walking event for a listener?  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this issue.

                Mike Gordon
Michael S. Gordon
Ecological Acoustics Laboratory
Department of Psychology
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521