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Re: Acoustic Flow Field Generation

Adding to Peter's comments:

1.      Loudspeakers and "real" sound sources have very different
2.      To date, I have never heard a recording that sounds like real life.
The quality is highly dependent on the equipment used. Some mics&headphones
work better for music, others better for everyday sounds.
3.      I've made my best binaural recordings of everyday sounds using
SoundMan OKM II ear microphones.
4.      I've been trying to replicate a study we did with blind people, on
how they could determine the size and quality of rooms they were in and
objects in front of them. They were quite successful in the first study, but
so far, in the replication using recorded or synthesized sound, it doesn't
work [yet].


Mcgrath, R., Waldmann , T., Fernström, M. (1999) Listening To Rooms And
Objects (AES 16th International conference on Spatial Sound Reproduction,
Rovaniemi, Finland)