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Graduate students in auditory display/HCI

Auditory display and sonification folks:

I have *fully funded* places in my new lab for one or two graduate
students to study sonification, auditory displays, and human-computer
interfaces. The students would apply soon, to start in the fall of 2002.

Since sonification and auditory display research labs are not that common,
I thought I'd pass information about this opportunity along. If you know
of anyone who is considering graduate school in Psychology, Computer
Science, or HCI, please pass the message along.

I have a joint appointment in the School of Psychology and the College of
Computing here at Georgia Tech, in sunny Atlanta. Prospective students can
take advantage of wonderful faculty, and great computing and audio
facilities in the lab and across campus.

Interested applicants should contact me for more information about what we
are up to, here, and the variety of potential research and academic
possibilities at Georgia Tech.

 Check out these Tech web sites:




Bruce Walker, Ph.D.         bruce.walker@psych.gatech.edu
School of Psychology              (404) 894-8265 (office)
Georgia Institute of Technology      (404) 894-8905 (fax)
Atlanta, Georgia, 30332-0170        (404) 874-1618 (home)