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Student looking for research experience

Dear list,

A visiting student from the University of Paris (Orsay) in France
and currently at Laval University in Quebec City has written to
me.  He is in the 4th year of a biology program and wants to find
a laboratory in which he could work on research in perception
from the beginning of June until the end of August (preferably a
paid position).  He is interested in both visual and auditory
perception and especially on how we get spatial information from
the environment.  He would like a placement in which he could
play a useful role in he research and  learn about this type of
research.   If you are interested you can contact him directly.

     Name:  Boris Nordmann
     E-mail address: <borisnor@yahoo.com>
     Address:  341 Prince Edouard
                      Quebec, QC
                      Canada    G1K 2M4

     Tel:          (418) 523-6767


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