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Availability of the CIPIC HRTF Database

At the recent Mohonk workshop (http://www.cs.princeton.edu/waspaa01) we
announced the availability of the CIPIC HRTF Database for anyone interested
in studying the characteristics of head-related transfer functions.  The
database is in the public domain, and contains high-spatial-resolution HRTF
measurements for 45 different subjects, including the KEMAR mannequin with
both small and large pinnae.  This announcement is for those who are
interested in the database but who did not attend the workshop.

The database includes 2,500 measurements of head-related impulse responses
for each subject. These "standard" measurements were recorded at 25
different interaural-polar azimuths and 50 different interaural-polar
elevations. Additional "special" measurements of the KEMAR manikin were
made for the frontal and horizontal planes. In addition, the database
includes anthropometric measurements for use in HRTF scaling studies,
technical documentation, and utility programs for displaying and inspecting
the data. Accessing the data requires MATLAB 5x or greater. Additional
details are given in the following paper:

       V. R. Algazi, R. O. Duda, D. M. Thompson and C. Avendano,
       "The CIPIC HRTF Database," WASPAA01
       (Proc. 2001 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal
       Processing to Audio and Electroacoustics),
       pp. 99-102, Mohonk Mountain House,
       New Paltz, NY, Oct. 21-24, 2001.

The size of the complete database is approximately 180 MBytes. Those who
attended WASPAA01 already have both the paper referenced above and the
database on the conference CD-ROM. The paper, the complete database, and/or
certain selected portions of it can also be downloaded from the CIPIC
website at http://www.interface.cipic.ucdavis.edu.

Interested researchers with fast Internet connections are requested to
obtain the data via http download. A limited number of CD-ROMs have been
prepared for those who have a serious interest in the entire database but
who cannot download such large files. If that describes your situation,
please mail a written request on institutional letterhead that includes
both your mailing address and your e-mail address to:

       CIPIC HRTF Database Administrator
       CIPIC Interface Laboratory
       2343 Academic Surge
       1 Shields Avenue
       University of California
       Davis, CA 95616-8553, USA