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Hideki Kawahara: ICAD'2002 and satellite workshop

Dear List -

Prof. Kawahara sent me this message to forward to the list about the
International Conference on Auditory Display being held next July in
Japan,  as well as the satellite workshop he is organizing on
Computational Models of Auditory Processing.  Please see the links
below for more information.

Happy new year to all!

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Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 03:50:57 +0900
Subject: ICAD'2002 and satellite workshop
From: Hideki Kawahara <hideki.kawahara@nifty.com>

The 8th International Conference an Auditory Display, at
Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan
2nd-5th of July 2002

ICAD 2002 will take place at Advanced Telecomunications Research
Institute situated in the Keihanna research district. It is about 40
minutes from Osaka or Kyoto and about 20 minutes from Nara, Japan's
ancient capital. The region is rich in history but also full of hope for
the future as it is home to numerous research centers covering a wide
range of scientific disciplines.

ICAD is the premier forum for presenting research on the use of sound to
provide enhanced user interfaces, display data, monitor systems, and for
computers and virtual reality systems.

It is unique in its singular focus on audio and the array of perception,
technology, design and application areas that it currently encompasses.

Like its predecessors, ICAD 2002 will be a single-track conference.
Attendance is open to all, with no membership or affiliation

Please visit the following URL for details.

A satellite workshop is also scheduled following the main
conference. Please check details for the URL below.

Preliminary announcement of a satellite workshop of ICAD'2002:
Computational Models of Auditory Processing
Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan
8th-9th of July 2002


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