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Michel Fingerhut: ISMIR 2002 - 3rd Int'l Conf. on Music IR

Dear List -

Please find enclosed the Call for Papers for this year's music
information retrieval conference, to be held at IRCAM in October.

-- DAn Ellis <dpwe@ee.columbia.edu> http://www.ee.columbia.edu/~dpwe/
   Dept. of Elec. Eng., Columbia Univ., New York NY 10027 (212) 854-8928

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From: "Michel Fingerhut" <Michel.Fingerhut@ircam.fr>
Subject: Call for papers: ISMIR 2002 - 3rd Int'l Conf. on Music Information Retrieval
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 09:32:40 +0100

        ISMIR 2002 - 3rd International Conference
              on Music Information Retrieval
                    October 13-17, 2002
         Ircam - Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

   Call for Papers, Posters, Tutorials, Panels and Exhibits

The annual ISMIR Conference is the first established international
forum for those involved in the tremendous growth of music-related
contents available digitally, locally or remotely, through networks.

This area presents vast challenges for those who need to organize and
structure, provide tools to search and retrieve, and use them
efficiently: music representation, when it exists, is
multi-dimensional and time-dependent; audio instantiations are
voluminous objects requiring particular care for storage and
transmission while preserving quality; descriptive information about
what is musically significant addresses a large spectrum of internal
and external characteristics, from acoustic to musicological ones;
intellectual property rights about what can be made available and how
are complex, involve a variety of individuals and organizations, and
vary from country to country.

All of these concerns are of interest to education, academia,
entertainment and industry. This conference thus aims at providing a
place for the exchange of news, issues and results, by bringing
together researchers and developers, educators and librarians,
students and professional users, working in fields that may contribute
significantly to this multidisciplinary domain, by presenting original
theoretical or practical work in peer-reviewed contributions (papers,
posters), serve as a discussion forum (panels), provide in-depth
information in specific domains (tutorials), and show current products

Detailed information about the conference and its organization is
available on its Web site (http://ismir2002.ircam.fr/) and will be
regularly posted in the music-ir mailing list (information on
subscription available on the conference site).  .

Domains and Topics of Interest

ISMIR 2002 solicits original contributions in the following domains
(this is a non-exclusive list), as they apply to music information

* Algorithms and methods for classification, clustering, probabilistic
  modelling, association analysis
* Artificial intelligence
* Data mining
* Expert systems
* Formal models of music
* Knowledge representation, discovery and acquisition
* Machine learning
* Pattern recognition
* Perception and cognition
* Soft computing (neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation)

Typical topics of interest, inasmuch as they relate to music
information retrieval, are:

* Formal models of music and their digital representations
* Music digital libraries (design, use)
* Music indexing and metadata (authoring and generation)
* Music recognition (printed, audio)
* Music representation, coding, language modelling
* Musical styles and genres
* Music similarity metrics (perceptual criteria such as pitch, rhythm,
  timbre; musical criteria such as form, genre, etc.)
* Query languages for music IR (expressiveness, complexity)
* Routing and filtering for music and music queries
* Standards (metadata schema, XML, MPEG, Dublin Core, *MARC,
  Z39.50...) and other metadata or protocols for music information
  retrieval (CDDB, ...)
* User interfaces
* Socio-cultural aspects
* Systems issues (performance, compression, scalability, databases,
  architecture, distributed search, multi-agent systems, mobile
* Validation (user needs and expectations, evaluation of music IR
  systems, building test collections, experimental design and metrics)
* Intellectual property rights issues (nationally and internationally)
* Business models and experience

General information for submissions

* Submissions should be formatted according to the provided template
* Submissions should be sent electronically in Word or PDF to the
  appropriate email address before the specified deadline (see below).
* All submissions will be peer-reviewed.


Authors are invited to submit papers, which they will present in
30-minute sessions (20 minutes for presentation, 10 for Q&A).

* Papers should not exceed 3000 - 5000 words (approximately 10 pages).
* Papers should include 150-200 words abstract.
* Submission must consist of original contributions (not previously
  published, and not currently being considered for publication
* Papers will be peer-reviewed.
* Submissions must be received by April 19, 2002.
* To submit, send your paper via email (ismir-papers@ircam.fr).

In the event there are more excellent papers than can fit into the
conference program, we may request some paper submissions become
poster sessions

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will consist of printed posters - exact sizes to be
announced - available throughout the conference in a nearby space.

* Submission should consist of an extended abstract 750 -1,000 words
  (2 pages maximum, including references, to be included in conference
* Internet connection will be provided for each poster session
* You are encouraged to bring a laptop computer
* Submissions must be received by April 19, 2002
* To submit, send your poster proposal via email (ismir-posters@ircam.fr).


The first afternoon of the conference (10/13/2002) will consist of
tutorials covering a single topic in detail, lasting 3 hours (plus a

* Submissions should consist of a 3-5 page abstract including:
  1. Biography of the presenter(s)
  2. The objectives
  3. An outline
  4. Course material
* Submissions should specify the intended audience and its expected level.
* Submissions must be received by February 18, 2002.
* To submit, send your tutorial proposal via email (ismir-tutorials@ircam.fr).


The last morning of the conference (10/17/2002) will consist of panels
meant to foster discussion on a specific topic of interest to the
community, as well as real-world implementations and experience

* Submissions should consist of a 1-2 page abstract including:
  1. Biography of the moderator.
  2. The topic and issues to be discussed.
  3. The intended and expected audience.
* Submissions must be received by February 18, 2002.
* To submit, send your panel proposal via email (ismir-panels@ircam.fr).


Throughout ISMIR 2002, space will be available for publishers,
booksellers, software and systems sellers and other companies
interested in exhibiting their products.

* Deadline for full applications is September 30, 2002.
* Interested exhibitors should request information and/or apply via
  email (ismir-exhibits@ircam.fr) .

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