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David Pearce: ICSLP 2002 Special Session on NOISE ROBUST RECOGNITION

Dear List -

David Pearce send me this call for papers for a special session he is
organizing on Noise Robust Recognition at ICSLP in September.


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From: Pearce David-BDP003 <bdp003@motorola.com>
Subject: ICSLP 2002: Special Session on NOISE ROBUST RECOGNITION
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:17:03 -0000

                           Call for papers

                          Special Session on

                     - NOISE ROBUST RECOGNITION -

    Robust Algorithms and a Comparison of their Performance on the
                       "Aurora 2 & 3" Databases

                    ICSLP 2002, Denver, Sept 2002

Please find the enclosed announcement giving information about this
special session.

Following the success of a similar event at Eurospeech papers are
invited that have performed evaluation on the Aurora 2 (Noisy
TIdigits) and Aurora 3 (SpeechDat-Car subset) noisy speech databases
to allow the performance of different algorithms to be compared. These
databases may be purchased from ELRA and if you would like to
participate it would be wise make these purchases ASAP well ahead of
the submission deadline for papers of 1st May.

Important dates:

Submission of full paper for publication:       1 May 2002
           (note: different from main conference)
           (results on Aurora databases must be included)
Notification of acceptance:                     10 June 2002
ICSLP Special Session:                          17-20 Sept 2002 (day TBD)

Please send an email to David Pearce (bdp003@email.mot.com) in advance
if you intend to submit a paper so we can keep you informed of any
updated information. Papers should be submitted electronically in the
same way as for the main conference using the web server.

[  Full announcement "ICSLP Special Session Robustness v4.doc" is at:
   http://www.auditory.org/etc/ICSLP-session-robustness.pdf  ]

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