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Cochlear filter inversion

Dear list member;
      I have a problem in getting back original source back after I've done some filtering on it. Actually what I've done is some sort of continuation of Malcolm Slaney work. And filtering in this case is a cochlear filtering based on Lyon's ear model. 
I've done some try out with no avail. Hope somebody can help me. thsk in advance.

Attached is the source code involve in the process.   



 <<Naar1993(CorrelogramInversion).pdf>>    <<soscascade.c>>  <<invsoscascade.c>>  <<experiment.m>>  <<DesignLyonFilters.m>> 

Attachment: Naar1993(CorrelogramInversion).pdf
Description: Naar1993(CorrelogramInversion).pdf

Attachment: soscascade.c
Description: soscascade.c

Attachment: invsoscascade.c
Description: invsoscascade.c

Attachment: experiment.m
Description: experiment.m

Attachment: DesignLyonFilters.m
Description: DesignLyonFilters.m