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Announcing the Carnegie SpeechTM YOUTH database

Announcing the Carnegie SpeechTM YOUTH database

The Carnegie SpeechTM Company is proud to announce a new database of childrens speech, YOUTH, available for use by both research and industry sites.

The database was recorded in two schools in the suburbs of Pittsburgh during the fall of 2001. It contains the speech of 135 children reading isolated words, phrases and sentences from Nursery Rhymes and other classic tales in American English such as Peter Pan. The utterances were automatically chosen for their richness in triphone coverage. There are an average of 184 utterances per child, making a total of 25,122 utterances for the whole database. The children are 8  10 year old (in third and fourth grade) and assessed as good readers by their teachers. Some, but not all of the utterances are the same for all speakers. The children come from upper middle class suburban families, many of whom are not native to the region, and therefore do not manifest a Pittsburgh dialect. We did record a few non-native children, a few who have colds, and a few who have speech impediments. There is a spreadsheet included that indicates these details for each speaker.

Cost is $2000 for research institutions, for research purposes only and $15,000 for industrial concerns and can be used commercial products with no royalties.

You can find more information and hear examples at http://www.carnegiespeech.com/products/youthdb

If you are interested in getting more information or in licensing the database, please contact:

Dr. Maxine Eskenazi
Carnegie SpeechTM Co.
4619 Newell Simon Hall
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213   USA
Email: max@cs.cmu.edu
Tel 1-412-268-3858