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Binaural loudness processing

Dear All

I am doing a phd related to binaural loudness processing in users of
bilateral cochlear implants.  Having pretty much exhausted the published
literature (according to medline, embase, web of science etc), I would
be interested in knowing if anyone is aware of any unpublished work,
e.g. internal reports, BSc, MSc or PhD dissertations etc, that has
conducted theoretical, modelling or empirical research into binaural
loudness processing in normals, hearing impaired people or bilateral
implant users.  If anyone is aware of any obscure papers in the
published literature, I'd be grateful!  I would be particularly
interested in hearing from anyone who has considered the physiological
basis for binaural loudness processing.

Many thanks people.



Daniel Rowan
Research Student
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ
Tel: 023 80594968