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Re: simulated reverberation

It depends how the reverberation is to be displayed; for a variety of
spatial display systems such as multi-speaker or hrtf via in-ear 'phones,
there are several real-time convolution processes availabe for download.
Angel Farina In italy has some on his site
ttp://pcangelo.eng.unipr.it/bv  -these have the advantage of being able to
utilise the impulse response of real places.
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From: "John Hershey" <jhershey@COGSCI.UCSD.EDU>
Sent: 27 February 2002 06:36
Subject: simulated reverberation

> What is the most natural way to computationally simulate realistic
> reverberation?
> I am told that real reverb is non-linear, due to the moving around of
> air, so you in principle you can't just run it through a linear filter