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conversion of files to djvu

I have gotten many requests about how to convert files to djvu. Because
of these
many requests, I have decided to post the following:

For those of us who use djvu, an image (TIFF bitmap papers, JPG images,
pdf and ps files, etc)
compression display format, there is a free service for converting, in
bulk, files to djvu.
The djvu format is used by with the JASA 10-CDROMs for volumes 1-100.
If you can view the JASA cdroms, then you have djvu installed on your
If you would like to convert a file to djvu (including OCR!), go to:

If you would like to download the display program (much like acroread
(pdf), but much
better, in my opinion), to to:
and click on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This will
instruct you in installing this free display program.

For some fun stuff to view, look at once you have the djview installed,
go to

The one I love is:
a fantastic dictionary, with wood-cut drawings, that are free to download.
This is a high quality dictionary that is free.

There are other offers, at

For linux user, the djvu display program has been gnu open-sourced, at
the usual sites.
Just do a google.com search on djvu, and you will find it. This version
works better
than all the others! And the source code is free. Need I say more?


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