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Re: MMN in cochlear implant users

The following articles might be useful:

Kileny, PR, Boerst, A., & Zwolan, T (1997) Cognitive evoked
potentials to speech and tonal stimuli in children with implants.
Ototlaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery, (Sept) 161-168.

Kileny, PR (1991) Use of electrophysiologic measures in the
management of children with the cochlear implant: brainstem, middle
latency, and cognitive (P300) responses.  American Journal of Otology
12, 37-42.

Kraus, N, Micco, AG, Koch, DB et al (1993) The mismatch negativity
cortical evoked potential elicited by speech in cochlear implant
users. Hearing Research 65, 118-124.

hope this helps,


At 9:11 AM +0200 4/9/02, Joyce Van Duyvenboden wrote:

Maybe some of you can help me. I'm a student at the university of
Ghent (Belgium) and I'm supposed to write a review-article about MMN
in cochlear implant users, but I have found very little information
on the subject. Any information you could provide me with to use for
this review would be more than welcome. I thank you all for your

Joyce Van Duyvenboden

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