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SPIN and Age,Gendr,& ear difference

Dear ALL,
As part ofmy master thesis, i am studying the effect of age,gender and ear
on the speech perceptionin noise.My age group is 6-8yrs(group1),
8-10yrs(group 2) and 18-30yrs (group3). I also corrleated thee Speech
identificationn scores(SIS) on activation of Medial effernt fibre by
acoustical stimulation with the Contrlateral Suppression of OAE's.I have
obtained a significant correlation.However i have found significant age
effect on the SIS performance and also their is a gender difference. I am
looking out for studies done on SPIN/ Speech perception in general related
to Age effect, and gender effect in the age group mentioned above.
I will be grateful , if the mebers who have either worked in this area or
have some knowledge in this area can provide me some refernces.
Thanking you and expecting a response

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