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AES 22nd International Conference - Program & registration information


AES 22nd International Conference on

Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland
15th-17th June 2002

*************** WHATS NEWS *******************
Conference registration available online at:
        - please register before 20.5.2002

Conference program available online at:

List of invited and accepted papers available at:


For the second time in three years, AES Finnish Section
is offering an exciting and action-packed conference
experience for the audio engineering community. The
beautiful days and bright nights of Scandinavian summer,
on the shores of the Baltic Sea, will set the atmosphere
for the AES 22nd International Conference on Virtual,
Synthetic and Entertainment Audio. The conference will
be held on the picturesque campus of the Helsinki
University of Technology, located in the city of Espoo,
about 10 kilometers from Helsinki.

This three-day conference will bring together researchers
and developers in the field of virtual and synthetic
audio as well as entertainment audio technologies and
applications. 3-D audio and virtual acoustics are an
active area of research, and will be a topic for several
interesting sessions. Sound synthesis and modeling
techniques will be discussed, with special emphasis on
physical modeling of musical instruments. Research problems
in audio coding, delivery and presentation as well as
auditory scene analysis will be presented. Furthermore,
perceptual issues and subjective testing will be discussed.

In addition to the 8 paper sessions and 1 poster session,
four distinguished speakers have been invited by the
committee to cover up-to-date issues in the topic area of
the conference. Prof. Jens Blauert, a true pioneer in
spatial hearing research, will give a presentation on the
compelling topic of instrumental analysis and synthesis of
auditory scenes. Computational modeling and simulation of
acoustic spaces, which is a very active area of research
in acoustics, will be discussed by Prof. Peter Svensson.
Dr. Xavier Rodet will present the current status and
future challenges of research in singing voice synthesis,
and Dr. Jürgen Herre will complete the prominent invited
speaker lineup with a talk on an ever topical subject of
audio coding and its role in entertainment technology.

To complement the technical program, the conference
committee, headed by co-chairs Nick Zacharov and Jyri
Huopaniemi, has put together an exciting and eventful
social program. A kickoff for the conference will be held
on Friday evening June 14 at the Nokia Research Center head
office in downtown Helsinki. The attendees will enjoy a
cruise in the Helsinki Archipelago prior to the Banquette,
and they will also be immersed in a traditional Finnish
Experience, which will surely leave no one cold!

We are looking forward to three days of high-quality
technical presentations topped off with active and fruitful
discussions and social events - a true technical and
social gathering of audio experts from all over the world.
We wish the audio engineering community warmly welcome to
the AES 22nd International Conference!

On the behalf of AES22 Organizing Committee
Tapio Lokki

Tapio Lokki <Tapio.Lokki@hut.fi>, http://www.tml.hut.fi/~ktlokki/
Helsinki University of Technology
Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
PO Box. 5400, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland, tel. +358-9-4514737, fax +358-9-4515014