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7th Intl Conf on Music Perception & Cognition - Draft Program

7th International Conference on Music
Perception & Cognition (ICMPC7)

Sydney, Australia, July 17-21, 2002

Draft PROGRAM Now On-Line:

   Click on 'Program'

Please direct the web address to colleagues, friends, students
who may be interested in attending ICMPC7.  The program shows
The four keynote speakers, and over 228 reviewed papers
including 12 specialist symposia.  Details of satellite
meetings and registration information are also on the
web page.

The ICMPC7 organising team look forward to hosting this
international meeting and welcoming researchers from
around the world to Sydney.  Join us if you can!

Kate Stevens
Chair, ICMPC7

c/- Dr Kate Stevens
School of Psychology & MARCS
University of Western Sydney - Bankstown
Locked Bag 1797 South Penrith DC
NSW 1797 Australia

Tel: +612 9772 6324  Fax: +612 9772 6736
Email: icmpc7@uws.edu.au
Web:   http://www.uws.edu.au/marcs/icmpc7/