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Middle ear transfer function

Dear List,

While I always hesitate to disagree with Jont Allen, my interpretation of
the literature is that the middle ear transfer function, measured as the
ratio of cochlear pressure to pressure at the ear drum, is not flat from
800 Hz to about 20 kHz, but is more like a bandpass function, rolling off,
in humans, above 5 kHz.  See:

Puria, S., Rosowski, J. J. and Peake, W. T. (1997). Sound-pressure
measurements in the cochlear vestibule of human-cadaver ears, J. Acoust.
Soc. Am. 101, 2754-2770.

Aibara, R., Welsh, J. T., Puria, S. and Goode, R. L. (2001). Human
middle-ear sound transfer function and cochlear input impedance, Hear. Res.
152, 100-109.

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