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desperately seeking sennheiser

****************************  WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE  ***********

Dear colleagues,

Our Unit is looking for a pair (or pairs) of Sennheiser HE60 electrostatic
headphones - working or not!
The reason for this is that they are used in the sound system we use for
fMRI studies, but are discontinued. We need a backup pair (or pairs), and
they are no longer made by Sennheiser. However, if we send them a broken
pair they will repair them (at our expense).
If you have any of  these headphones, working or not, please contact me. We
can either buy them from you or swap them for the headphones of your dreams.


bob carlyon

Dr. Bob Carlyon
MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
15 Chaucer Rd.
Cambridge CB2 2EF
Phone: (44) 1223 355294 ext 831
Fax:   (44) 1223 359062
email: bob.carlyon@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk