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3 port ER10

Etymotic Research will be manufacturing a limited run of ER10 microphone
assemblies with three ports.  

For those that remember them, these will be the size of the original ER10's
(about  in diameter) but there will be three ports..  This will permit the
delivery of three independent tones through three ER2s (e.g., the two
primaries and a suppressor in DPOAE experiments).  Alternatively one of the
ports can be used for an optical fiber to control the placement of a
calibration microphone for high frequency stimuli.  They cannot put three
ports on the smaller ER10B.   

If anyone is interested in potentially purchasing one or more of these
assemblies please contact 
Laurel A. Christensen, Ph.D.
Etymotic Research
Director of Sales and Marketing
61 Martin Lane
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 228-0006
(847) 228-6836 fax

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