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special issue

Dear all,

There follows a message from Birger Kollmeier about a special issue of Acustica United with Acta Acustica, which contains many articles of potential interest to list members

Bob Carlyon

Dear auditory list members,

acustica united with acta acustica, the leading European Journal on all
aspects of acoustics (http://www.icp.inpg.fr/ACTA/), has recently
shipped its May/June issue (Vol. 88, No.3, pp. 303-462) which actually
is a

Special issue "Psychoacoustics, physiology and models of the central
auditory system"!

As a guest editor (and associate editor for hearing, audiology and
psychoacoustics) of this journal, I am pleased to announce the table of
contents of this issue (see below). If you want to subscribe to the
journal, you can either

- contact any of the European Acoustical Societies
(in Germany: http://www.dega.itap.de/),
- or check at the European Acoustics Association,
- or order the issue via the Hirzel Verlag (order a free sample copy at:

Enjoy it! Birger Kollmeier

TABLE OF CONTENTS A.aa Vol. 88(3), May/June 2002:

Review Papers:
Hamershoi, D.& Moeller, H. Methods for Binaural Recording and

Palmer, A.R. & Shackleton, T.M. The Physiological Basis of the Binaural
Masking Level Difference

Moore, B.C.J. & Gockel, H. Factors Influencing Sequential Stream

Original Research Papers
Laurel H. Carney, Michael G. Heinz, Mary E. Evilsizer, Robert H. Gilkey,
and H. Steven Colburn Auditory Phase Opponency: A Temporal Model for
Masked Detection at Low Frequencies

Plack, C.D., Oxenham, A.,Drga, V. Linear and nonlinear processes in
temporal masking

Grimm, G., Hohmann, V., Verhey, J. Loudness of fluctuating sounds

Gockel, H., Moore, B.C.J., & Patterson, R.D. Influence of component
phase on the loudness of complex tones

Chalupper, J. , Fastl, H. Dynamic loudness model (DLM) for normal and
hearing-impaired listeners

Meddis, Ray, Roel Delahaye, Lowel O’Mard, Chris Sumner, Deborah A.
Fantini, Ian Winter, Daniel Pressnitzer "A model of signal processing in
the cochlear nucleus: comodulation masking release
Schulze, Holger, Neubauer, N., Ohl, F.W., Hess, A., Scheich, H.
Representation of stimulus periodicity and its learning induced
plasticity in the auditory cortex: Recent findings and new perspectives

Carlyon, Robert P., John Deeks, Dennis Norris, and Sally Butterfield The
Continuity Illusion and Vowel Identification

Kleinschmidt, M. Methods for capturing spectro-temporal modulations in
automatic speech recognition

Leijon, A. Estimation of sensory information transmission using a Hidden
Markov Model of speech stimuli

Technical & Applied Paper
Hohmann, V. Frequency analysis and synthesis using a Gammatone

Short communication
Fruhmann, M., Mackensen, P., Theile, G. Reduction of dynamic cues in
auralized binaural signals

Seeber, B. A new method for Localization Studies

Ordonez, R., Karlsen, B.L., Lydolf, M., Hamershoi, D. The effects of
stimulus types on the variability of the Bekesy audiometric method
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