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[AUD] Jim Jenkins: Auditory hallucinations

Dear List -

I enclose another personal account of vivid auditory hallucinations
sent to me for the list.


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Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 21:12:23 EDT

Dear Folks:

I'm not a member of the list but a friend sent me the communiques
about auditory hallucinations. I thought I should contribute my
personal experience. During WW II, I was a passenger in C-47s (DC-3),
military aircraft given mostly to hauling freight and the like in the
Southwest Pacific area. Flights were long and very noisy. I discovered
I could hear music in the noise and used it as a form of
entertainment. I found that I had no immediate control over the music
but I could "put in a request" and a few minutes later I would often
hear the music "requested" I heard a lot of choral music and popular
orchestras (I was a swing fan) If one were lucky, one might have a lot
of mail sacks to bed down on and the music made a very nice sendoff to
dream land.  I just thought it was a normal response to a very much
"overdriven" sensory system trying to deal with the auditory

I am surprised to hear that it is apparently rare. Is it?

Jim Jenkins

James J. Jenkins
Distinguished Research Professor (Retired)
University of South Florida

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