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  Re: musical hallucinations

Dear List:

My 2 cents:

Pierre L. Diveny wrote:

One person's musical hallucination is another person's

>From my experience, the above statement is certainly not true. I am a
musician and I mentally rehearse often. Through my life (of 41 years), I have
on occasion experienced true musical hallucinations.   These are generally
classical music (that I have never heard before), in full orchestration, and
it sounds just like someone if playing a compact disc in my head. I am not
thinking of the sound, I am actually HEARING it in my brain.   I cannot
control the sound, and such increased concentration tends to make the music
disappear. These incidents generally last for only a few minutes and there
are years between occurrences.   The music is fantastically beautiful,
perfect, not a wrong note... like Mozart.
Not that I can add much, but this has been my experience with musical
hallucinations. The first experience I can remember was as a teen in junior
high school, and the last time it occurred was about four years ago.
Therefore I do not associate this with hearing loss.

David Spondike