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Second job at CNBH in Cambridge

                                Like a research job in
        Auditory Temporal Processing and Perception?

In the spring of this year we advertised a job at the CNBH in the
Physiology Department of the University of Cambridge, UK and we said that
another position would probably become available in the summer. We filled
the first position in May and now the second position has come up and been
advertised locally as required. The closing date is 13 Sept.

We have kept the applications of all those who applied first time round and
will include them in the decision process. This message is just to see if
there are any candidates out there who missed the first round and would
like to apply now.  The text of the advert is below and in the attachment
in a prettier form. Apologies to anyone who has seen the advert before.

Auditory Temporal Processing and Perception

Applications are invited from scientists interested in temporal processing
in the auditory system from the cochlea to the cortex with emphasis on the
relationship of temporal processing to auditory perception. At the CNBH,
temporal processing includes everything from physiological recording in the
brainstem to brain imaging in the cortex. The research is integrated
through time-domain modelling of the perceptual consequences of the
temporal processing.

Applicants should possess, or expect soon to possess, a Ph.D or equivalent
degree in physiology, psychoacoustics, physics, engineering or computer
science.  Ideally, they should have post-graduate training in Hearing
research and should understand computer synthesis and analysis of complex

Successful applicants would be expected to undertake research on temporal
aspects of auditory perception and its relationship to the physiology of
the auditory pathway from the cochlea to auditory cortex. Topics of
particular interest are the physiology of temporal integration, and the
perception of temporal asymmetry, temporal regularity and temporal
dispersion of transients.

The appointment will be for three years in the first instance, and the post
may, subject to the availability of funding, be renewed for a further
period or periods.  Appointment will be on the salary scale of 17,451 to
26,229 with the starting salary dependent upon experience.

The closing date for applications is 13 Sept 2002.

Applicants should send a letter of application supported by a full
curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of three referees to:

Roy Patterson, Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing,
Physiology Department, University of Cambridge,
Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EG, U.K.

Email submission is acceptable and should be sent to    rdp1@cam.ac.uk
 (note that the character after 'rdp' is the numeral 1 rather than the
letter l)
Information about the research of the CNBH is provided on the web site

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Roy D. Patterson
Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing
Physiology Department, University of Cambridge
Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EG

phone   44 (1223) 333819        office
phone   44 (1223) 333837        lab
fax     44 (1223) 333840        department
email   rdp1@cam.ac.uk
email   roy.patterson@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk


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