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CFP ISCA workshop on auditory quality of systems

*             2nd Call for Papers                *
* First ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on   *
*         AUDITORY QUALITY OF SYSTEMS            *
* Akademie Mont-Cenis, Germany, 23-25 April 2003 *

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: October 15th, 2002

Detailed Information on the workshop can be found under


Workshop Topics

- Methodologies and Methods of Quality Assessment and Evaluation
- Metrology: Test Design and Scaling
- Speech Perception and Assessment
- Quality of Auditory Events
- Quality of Auditory Communication
- Quality of Synthesized Speech
- Quality and Usability of Spoken Dialogue Systems
- Quality of Telecommunication Systems and Services
- Quality of Multi-Modal Systems
- Quality of Virtual Reality
- Quality of Sound
- Quality of Music
- Quality and Product Marketing

Scientific Committee

- Ove Andersen, CPK, Aalborg University (DK)
- John Beerends, KPN Research (NL)
- Niels Ole Bernsen, NIS, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
- Jens Blauert, IKA, Ruhr-University Bochum (D)
- Noel Chateau, France Telecom R&D, Lannion (F)
- Paul Daalsgaard, CPK, Aalborg University (DK)
- Laila Dybkjaer, NIS, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
- Hugo Fastl, MMK, Munich University of Technology (D)
- Sadaoki Furui, Tokyo Institute of Technology (JP)
- Bjorn Granstrom, KTH, Stockholm (SE)
- Jonathan Harrington, IPDS, UNiversity of Kiel (D)
- Ulrich Heute, LNS, University of Kiel (D)
- Armin Kohlrausch, Philips Research Labs Eindhoven (NL)
- Joseph Mariani, Ministere de la Recherche, Paris (F)
- Paul McKevitt, University of Ulster (Magee), Northern Ireland
- Roger K. Moore, 20/20 Speech Ltd., Malvern (UK)
- Jan P. H. van Santen, CSLU, Oregon Graduate Institute (USA)
- Reinhard Weber, Carl con Ossietzky University Oldenburg (D)

Local Workshop Organization

Ute Jekosch, IKA, Ruhr-University Bochum (D)
Sebastian Moeller, IKA, Ruhr-University Bochum (D)