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Research Post in effects of multimodality

Please could you pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. Thank
you. Apologies for multiple-postings.

The University of Limerick, Ireland is looking for candidates for the
position of

POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCHER ( 2-years, with possibility of extension)
in the College of Informatics & Electronics, Dept. of Computer
Science and Information Systems,

Project: Examination of Multimodality for Interactive Systems

Project Description
This  project is exploring the use of multimodal cues in interactive
systems. A variety of researchers are involved in examining aspects
of multimodality, using exploratory probes, controlled
experimentation and multimedia prototype development.  We have a
specific interest in the area of support for browsing activities,
based on earlier work done on sonic browsing. The research team
includes experimental psychologists, cognitive modelling researchers,
interaction designers, and sound engineers. This is a very
multidisciplinary environment that offers an exciting environment for

At this early stage, the project is looking for a post-doctoral level
researcher who can contribute to the experimental side of the
project, and who can contribute to the overall project management.
We would expect candidates to have a Doctorate in experimental
psychology, and experience with computer tools and computational
models would be a definite asset.  Knowledge of human-machine
interaction and  ergonomics would also be helpful. The candidate
should be able to work in a mutidisciplinary environment.

Appointment & Salary
The post is for an initial period of 2 years, at a salary of 28-32,
000 euros depending on experience. Starting Date is Nov.1st, 2002 or
as soon as possible after this date.

The project is funded by Enterprise Ireland, as part of their Basic
Research Grants Scheme.

Please send a written letter of application together with an
extensive curriculum vitae to the following address:
Anne Murphy
ATTN: Post Doc position: MMS
Interaction Design Centre
Computer Science Building
University of Limerick
Limerick, IRELAND

For further informal discussion of the position,  please contact any
of the following:
Mikael Fernstrom    +353 61 202606 (mikael.fernstrom@ul.ie)
Niall Griffith  +353 61 202785 (niall.griffith@ul.ie)
Thomas Waldmann  +353 61 202802 ( thomas.waldmann@ul.ie)
Liam Bannon  +353 61 202632 (liam.bannon@ul.ie)

More general information on the University of Limerick is available from