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Human Communication and Deafness Group at the University of Manchester:

Early warning!!

Two new academic posts in audiology (at lecturer or senior lecturer grades).

We have received verbal approval for two new academic posts in audiology and
will shortly be advertising for audiologists, hearing scientists,
psychologists or others with a suitable background and research profile to
fill these positions.

Our principle purpose is to undertake internationally recognised research,
and staff are encouraged and supported to make a significant contribution to
the research profile of the Group.  Duties also include teaching on the BSc
Audiology and the MSc Audiology, and supervision of undergraduate and
postgraduate audiology students.

Our philosophy is to nurture individuals, to promote team working, to
provide opportunities for development and to encourage growth; however, we
understand that we must allow our talented staff time and space to develop
their own ideas.  Informally, we are energetic, friendly and supportive and
meet regularly.

  a.. Our research is at the forefront of comparable departments in the UK
  b.. We have staff who are world leaders in their field
  c.. Our group, on its own, achieved Grade 5 in the most recent Research
Assessment Exercise
  d.. We are actively involved in research in the areas of speech and
language therapy, audiology, human communication and deaf education
  e.. All our labs have just undergone refurbishment and re-equipping
  f.. We have experience at managing large scale research grants
  g.. We have strong international links.


  a.. Our teaching provision was rated as excellent in the most recent QAA
Teaching Quality Assessment
  b.. We have a wealth of experience in teaching audiology, deaf education
and speech and language therapy
  c.. This combination of subjects make us unique among UK Higher Education
  d.. We are one of the first UK universities to provide the new BSc in
  e.. Our MSc Audiology programme, one of the longest running in the UK,
has the largest cohort in the UK

Service development:

  a.. We are actively involved in the newborn hearing screening programme in
England and are leading the evaluation of the programme for the Department
of Health.
  b.. We are responsible for the training for the paediatric arm of the
modernising hearing aid services programme in England.

The City of Manchester has a diverse nightlife with a wide range of theatres
and restaurants and clubs.  There is no shortage of libraries, bookshops,
coffee shops, art galleries, museums and sporting venues, and of course,
there is an extensive range of designer retail outlets.  There is great
access to the surrounding countryside with excellent communication links in
all directions.  And there is a major airport providing a wide range of
domestic and international flights right on the door step.

Expressions of interest or enquiries to john.bamford@man.ac.uk or to

Our web page is www.hcd.man.ac.uk