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A new headphone query from a new member

Hello AUDITORY list members,

I'm a just signed in member who's been reading
the archive of this list before joining.

I'm trying to consider my possibilities to get into
psychoacoustic research as a post-graduate student. I have
a background in computer science and in arts and
would like to combine those. I'm hoping to get into
a doctoral thesis program that can blend psychoacoustics,
aesthetics and acoustics research that suits my research

Anyway, I'm currently on the look out for neutral
headphones. These are basically for my own personal
testing, but I'd still prefer them to be as neutral
and accurate as possible.

I already own a couple of headphones for my personal
musical enjoyment, but I'm not sure they are fit for
proper psychoacoustic testing.

At this point, I'd be interested in finding a pair
of phones that is suitable for the testing of
perceptual encoders performance.

I've read the list archive and have considered some of
the older models previously recommended that are still
being made.

However, I'd be interested in what kind of selection
criteria do frequent headphone users employ
when selecting their headphones to be used in testing?

Also, if you've recently gone through a throrough
selection process, I'd be delighted to hear the
conclusion you came to. What headphones would you
recommend and which ones perhaps not?

My price range is max. $1000 USD and hopefully a lot less
as this is more than likely coming out of my own pocket
at this stage.

Best regards,
     Samu Mielonen

     University of Art & Design

PS My specific interests in regards to the headphone
performance criteria would be as extended (and neutral
in amplitude response) frequency response as possible
- even to the ultrasonic range. Yes, I know a little
bit about what audibility research say about ultrasonics
audibility and I'm NOT out to challenge that finding :)

Best regards,
 Samu                          mailto:samu@myrealbox.com