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Re: A new headphone query from a new member

With a risk of beating a dead horse and making more people

Could somebody give me a rough recommendation about suitable
headphones for psychoacoustic testing? The headphones would be used
mainly for testing the subjective prefereneces of perceptual encoders
sound quality with various music signals.

Will any headphone set of good "hifi" quality do?

Is there a common model of headphones that a lot of the labs
use as a standard part of their equipment gear?

Should I go through a dedicated calibration process with them?

My apologies that these questions are very basic level.

If you feel like saving the bandwidth on this list, please
feel free to reply to me personally.

I'd appreciate additional recommendations in addition to the
Grado hint I was already given.

Best regards,
     Samu Mielonen

PS I really appreciate all the replies and help offered to me.
I think I've learned to fix some of my conceptual mistakes
through these hints.