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Re: What do we hear in High frequency hearing

I believe the author of the message quoted below should have stated
that, according to the paper cited, "ultrasonic hearing" IS cochlear.
The hypothesis tested, and not rejected, was that the audio signal is
de-modulated (off the ultrasonic carrier) via bone properties and thence
detected via normal auditory processes.

The question remaining is whether or not an auditory perception can be
elicited via ultrasonic (or any other) stimuli not delivered via
cochlear implant-like devices in anyone (synesthetes notwithstanding)
with a clear inability to transduce audio-frequency vibrations via the

Bill Woods
Principal Research Scientist
Starkey Labs, Inc.

Sanja Dupor wrote:

> Ultrasonic hearing is not cochlear. Its origin is electrostrictive
> detection in bones (JASA 103 (4) 2111-2116).
> Zlatan
> Zlatan Ribic Ph.D
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