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Precedence Effect

Dear Auditory List,

I've been looking at the buildup and breakdown of the precedence effect as explained by Rachel Clifton, Richard Freyman and others. Naturally, the previous research seems to be based on using the simplest stimuli possible (i.e. clicks, tones or at most speech fragments). I wonder if there is any other work done on the topic using music or similar stimuli having more complex spectro-temporal characteristics.
Secondly, Dr. Divenyi and Prof. Blauert state in a previous article (of 1992) that it may be tempting to explain precedence effect with a link to monaural forward masking while they were unable to confirm such a link in between at that time. I also wonder if there is any reference to research after 1992 that investigated the topic. As far as I can see, presence of such a link (if there exists such a thing in between at all!) would be a good point of interest in terms of investigating precedence effect in the musical domain.
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