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specific and total loudness calculation

Dear List,

I have tried to implement a total loudness calculation (according to Moore & Glasberg, 96) with the
HUTear auditory modeling toolbox for Matlab. Loudness calculation is not yet implemented in this
otherwise extremely useful package and Aki Harma (the father of the toolbox) told me that this would
not be done in the near future.
Please find the matlab script "calcTotalLoudness.m" at
http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~neuro/schoel/loudness.html. In order to execute it you will need to
download the HUTear toolbox (if you haven't done so already - get it at
http://www.acoustics.hut.fi/software/HUTear/) and place the script somewhere into the HUTear path.
I would be very thankful if somebody with a stronger auditory modeling and computational background
and experience with HUTear could look into the file, it badly needs improvement!
The script calculates the excitation pattern of a user-defined signal with a specified auditory
model. The excitation pattern is then transformed into specific loudness according to Moore &
Glasberg, and the specific loudness is integrated to yield total loudness. I have fitted the
parameters of the excitation-to-specific-loudness transformation manually to approximately conform
to the sone scale definition. This is one of the point that could be improved upon. I figure that
someone with experience in numerical optimization could easily get a better fit.
I also think that it would need an very experienced programmer to get the inplementation more messed

Any help gratefully received,

Marc Schoenwiesner